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This is the home of all Anime Fan Parodies. Made by creators of Fan Parodies, for viewers of Fan Parodies. If you are unfamiliar to the genre, an Anime Fan Parody is when a group of anime fans take an Anime series and use that footage to make a very funny movie.  You write your own script, overdub your own voices, put in your own SFX, and choose your own music.

Up top we have our weekly featured parodies, just click on one and you can read about and watch the parody in it’s entirety. To see the rest of the parodies on the site just click on the Fan Parodies tab that’s at the top of every page. Although we have full length Parodies on the site, we also recommend watching them at an Anime Convention. It’s far more enjoyable watching parodies on the big screen with your fellow anime fans.

Make sure you also check out our Q&A to learn more about what the website has to offer.